skin classic albuquerque nmDo you have broken capillaries, sebaceous hyperplasia, fibromas, or skin tags?
High frequency technology now available in your area!

Cutting edge technology can now treat these irregularities without laser or a scalpel!

Treatment of minor skin irregularities begins with cleansing the skin to more easily identify minor skin irregularities. A microdermabrasion to alleviate the stratum corneum (outside layer of dead skin cells that contain: residual makeup, oils and dead skin cells) is done first, then once the skin is cleared more minor skin irregularities may show themselves.

How does it work?
The Skin Classic high frequency probe is used on the minor skin irregularities. This probe never enters the skin! It barely touches the surface and therefore is called the touch method. Treatment is very quick and well tolerated. Immediately you will see results… no waiting and hoping!

Is there any down time?
There is some downtime. Wherever the Skin Classic comes into contact with the skin it will leave a ding. This takes anywhere from 5-7 days to heal and return to normal. During that time it is important to baby your skin with gentle products. We will be sure to supply the recommended post treatment care products by way of a 5pc sample kit. You will also be sent home with aftercare instructions. An affordable follow up microdermabrasion treatment will be scheduled for you as well at which time we will monitor your skin’s improvement and keep up with good maintenance habits’ as you so desire.

How long does the procedure take?
Treatment is 1 hour and discomfort is minimal.